Monday, June 16, 2008

What Is The Meaning Of This Treachery??

Today in the mail I received a package! Now, normally, this would please me so. HowEVER. The contents of this package want to enrage me.
"What? What could be so bad? What IS it S4J?"
It is 2 books. One of them contains, "Four complete novels from the Heart of Colonial America"
In preparation for my trip to the Amish Country, I have been boning up on tragic Amish fiction. So this book does not bode well for the home renovation process. Perhaps I could read with one hand and stain cabinets with the other.
But this is not the worst of the contents. "NO??" No! People, I tell you - there is a naughty girl among us! The other book in the package is the first book in a SERIES. YES! You read me right! The FIRST. In a SERIES. You might be thinking, "Oh - how fun! A series." Sure, series' are all well and good WHEN YOU HAVE THEM ALL. I cannot tolerate cliffhangers. They actually cause me chagrin. (Did I use that right?). So - are ALL the books in the series contained in the package? No. I repeat. NO.
Perhaps I am over-reacting. Perhaps what I need to do is call up naughty girl and ask her if this is a self-contained first book of the series, or am I going to have to wait until the next book to find out about key happenings of key characters. I can't read the book MYSELF to find out because if I do and it is not self-contained then I will have to spend some time in chagrin.
Treachery. That's what it is.


His Girl said...

There is an ingrate among us!

Last week I made the time to drive my gasoline-hogging Ford Explorer ALL THE WAY to the Post Office to mail a package. Now, normally, I would not have done such a thing. HowEVER. The contents of this package were filled with books I knew would be enjoyable to my friend S4J.

"What? What could be so great? What ARE they HisGirl?"

They were 2 books. One of them contains, "Four complete novels from the Heart of Colonial America" Did you hear that? FOUR COMPLETE NOVELS!In preparation for our trip to the Amish Country, I have been boning up on tragic Amish fiction. I knew my friend S4J would really love this book! I popped that book an another that I read all alone as an individual book and I even told S4J I was sending it knowing that she would be sad about the series-ness but that I think she will enjoy it anyway. Does she remember this conversation? I think not.

But this story does not end well. "NO??" No! People, I tell you - there is a ungrateful girl among us! Did I get a thank you about this thoughtful mailing? No. Instead I found a NASTY POST on said girl's blog with false accusations and unfair conclusion jumping.

Lack of Gratitude. That's what it is.

*good thing I think S4J is the funniest chica ever, and my BFF or I MIGHT be offended... hahahaha!

God's Guitar Girl said...

I nearly peed myself when I clicked on the "naughty girl" link and got HisGirl's chauchie li'l picture! hahaha!

And you are one talk, S4J -- you sent S. Christian porn once!!!

His Girl said...

WHAT? No verse today? only harassment?


mel said...

truly hysterical

i count it a privilege to be among your hilarity

read the books -- wait for the sequel -- and be grateful. praise Him in the storm....

Gretchen said...

Um...perhaps you two should take it outside??? ;)


Gretchen said...

And I knew w/o clicking on the link who was naughty--it's a gift of mine. knowing and hanging out with the naughty girls.

Jenster said...

Heehee!! Like Gretchen, I instinctively knew who "naughty girl" was. 'Cause she's just that kind of girl!