Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Your Music Videos

Here is a short instructional post about how to get videos into your special request from the Lily of the Valley.

There are a couple of ways that I know of to get videos posted into your blog. In my opinion, the easiest is to go to or and find the video that you want.

Once you have found the video that you want, when you click on it - it will begin playing, and also bring up its 'page'. To the right of the video, there is a box that has info about the video and a long, slim box that has the title 'embed' just above it.

If you right click inside this box, then click 'select all' - it will highlight the entire code in the box. Then right click inside the box again and choose 'copy'. You can also customize how you want to embed the video, such as - what color you want the frame to be, if you want to include related videos - etc. (Do this before you highlight and select the code). Once you have clicked 'copy' - you are ready to place the video into your blog.

You create a new post - and use the 'edit html' tab. Once you have that tab chosen, right click in your post box and choose 'paste'. VOILA. You just put a video into your post!!

You can also post your own videos to YouTube - and use the same steps to embed them into your post.

The other way that I know of to get videos you have made your posts is:
When you are creating a new post, use the little teeny button that looks like a piece of film - located between the button that looks like a picture and the button that looks like an eraser. (In the compose tab). You click the video button, and it will bring up a box that will ask you to choose a file to upload. Click the browse button and locate on your computer which video you would like to upload. Fill in the other boxes and VOILA. It uploads. This feature is touchier. If your video is too big - it may not load. But it WILL take forever to tell you that.

Hope this helps!


Suzanne said...

And this is just one of the many reasons YOU ROCK!! :)

Jenster said...

I'm going to take a video of myself singing and then post it on my blog when I've decided I don't want anyone to visit it anymore. Because trust me. They're run screaming!!

His Girl said...

lol @ jenster- me 2!!!