Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where Does It Go?

Okay Internet - it occurred to me this morning that I am getting a new kitchen and everything has to be put back into that kitchen. But where does it go? Do I put everything back where it was before we completely stripped the entire room of its contents down to the studs? OR, do I get some advice from Canadians, Romanians, the Amish and such on where is the most useful place to put things in the kitchen? I say, "Get help!" (possibly I will need to do this in the psychological sense if my house does not get back in order soon)
The basic configuration of the kitchen will be the "work triangle". The refrigerator will be on one wall with some cabinetry to the right of it. The sink will be on another wall with cabinetry on both sides. The dishwasher will be directly to the right of that. The stove/oven/microwave will be on the third wall with cabinetry on both sides of that.
So - what's the word? Do you keep the plates next to the stove, or closest to the dining table? Spices on top of the fridge - or next to the stove? (NO - we did not get the fancy spice cart-roller-cabinet-thingy). Also note that I am going to IKEA on Saturday and will have the opportunity to pick up beautiful organizer helper things. Tell all your bloggy friends to swing by and advise me too. Will you? Please?
Ah, Back to work.
Here's another tidbit....a picture of my grouting tools...


Becky said...

Wow...that's got to be the FASTEST kitchen remodel job I've ever heard of...and includes a DIY tile floor? You are one. INDUSTRIOUS. gal!! Can't wait to see pics!

Okay...I like my spice cupboard within easy reach of the stove.

The cups and glasses should be in a cabinet convenient to the sink (or a fridge dispenser if you have a filtered water system there).

I keep all my cleaning supplies, the big jug o Dawn, garbage bag refills, and my garbage can under my sink, only because everything is within reach of the sink, and I don't care if chemicals are near the garbage we'll be throwing out.

Dishes and plates should be where you can easily reach to get them down for meals, or to fill them with something at your prep-station.

Whatever you do...don't have your work triangle near a corner of your kitchen where there could be a 'traffic jam'. Somehow, especially when Jeff and I are cooking together, someone always ends up right in front of our silverware and utensil drawers, the plate and cup cupboards and the garbage under the sink--all at once. That person ends up just like Visa..."everywhere you want to be"

Oh, and I always put utensils within easy reach of the stove, too.

And seldom-used things up high where you don't need to get them down often. I put heavier things like crock pots and casseroles down below, so it's not so much weight up high in the kitchen (here in earthquake country).

That's what works for me!

His Girl said...

Here's what I do:

I look around my kitchen. I pick up my phone. I call cousin judi. She tells me what to do. She's great at that. You need to get yourself one of those cousin judi things! so valuable!

Alana said...

One of my favorite organizational things is the thing you can get to hang on the inside of the cabinet doors that store saran wrap, foil, etc.

Gretchen said...

Um...clearly Becky has it covered for you. :)

I honestly can't think of another thing.

Except this: never get a dog, or heaven forbid, two. And never put there bowls in the kitchen where you could trip over them because that would make for a messy newly remodeled kitchen.

Don't ask me how I know these things...


Jenster said...

I say spices by the stove. Other than that - I got nuthin. I think I'll read the other comments!

Jenster said...

Let's thank the good Lord for Becky!!

bcolmer said...

WEll, It's a tad bit late, but I'll give you my 2 cents worth. and since my kitchen is about 2 cents worth...hahah. It is soooooo small.

Personally, I like to have my dishes near the dishwasher, so they are easy to put away. I usually bring them to the table and we serve the food there, so for me, its more convenient to have them close to where they would be put away.

The spices by the stove thing I totally agree with. There is a really cool little stacker shelf thingy that you can get at the container Store that goes inside your cupboard and makes you have little tiered shelves for your spices. It is on my wish list. i also keep my oils and vinegars and such near the stove.

Since I have very little drawer space, I keep my cooking utensils on the counter, next to the stove. Id rather have nothing on my counter, cause its teeny too, but this seems to work out the best.

I also got a stainless steel utensil holder at Ikea, its a big cylinder with holes in it. I use that to corral all my diswashing scrubbies at the sink. the holes make it so they can dry out, and every so often I throw iint in the DW to cleat it out. I plan to get another one to use for my cooking utensils by the stove.

Another think I LOVE that is from the Container Store is lid holders. Maybe you already have these because you are already an organizing diva, but these are so cool. Its a little rack that allows you to stand up your pot & pan lids so they are not all jumbled around. You can also use it to hold up your baking pans, or your plastic container lids. One of my favorite things. more thing... Ijust bought one, but I have to take it back because it won't fit in my teeny kitchen, but.. if you have a spcae where you have some can hang a tiered fruit basket. It is actually 3 metal baskets suspended from a hook, tiered kind of like a wedding cake. Its great for keeping your fruits and vegetables. They in plain sight reminding you to be healthy and eat them, and they are up off of your counter, so you reclaim valuable counter space. Something I am constantly battling with. Plus, by keeping them out of the refrigerator (certain ones) they retain more vitamins and flavor!

there you go. =-)