Sunday, June 22, 2008


I was visiting one of my favorite blogs today: Chatting at the sky ~ discovering the holy moments in the midst of the mundane. She posted about why she takes pictures and it was so eloquently said and exactly what I have been trying to understand about myself and put into words as well. You can read that post here - and look at the lovely pictures she takes and her vibrant, funny and well-spoken way of looking at the world. The only thing that I would add, is that I want others to look at my pictures and experience the same beauty, wonder, interest and emotion that I experienced when capturing that moment.


His Girl said...


I do love the way she writes as well.

emily said...

Well hello there southern living, sing4joy! Thank you for the great compliments. It felt good to finally get down in words how I feel about taking photos. I am glad to have been able to do this for you as well.

Now I have to go searching through your blog for the photos you've taken!

mel said...

what a fun blog! it's great to find new bloggy friends, huh.