Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Interrupt The Currently Scheduled Home Renovation For This Hamper Scamper Just In!

FOLKS! Did you KNOW that you should clean the grease filter above your stove ONCE A MONTH??!! Did you even KNOW there was a filter there AT ALL?? Well now you do. I have NEVER in my life even one time cleaned one of these nasties. We have lived in this house for three years. GROSS! And dangerous. I imagine that thing is somewhat like a duraflame log on steroids at this point. Maybe your Mother never told you this. Mine didn't. Maybe she doesn't know either. I only know this now because in the midst of renovating our kitchen, we had to replace the range hood and purchase a new microwave. They now manufacture Over The Range Microwaves that will clean and recirculate the air - or vent it outside the house - whichever you prefer. So, we took care of 2 purchases in 1. When my husband was installing said microwave, he read that the filter needs to be cleaned once a month and I was completely shocked. So I did a little net research and found this helpful info courtesy of Rangehoodsinc.

How often should I clean my filters?
The aluminum mesh grease filters should be washed in your dishwasher approximately every month depending on the amount of usage. Wash often if your cooking style generates greater grease like frying foods or wok cooking. The more grease you use, the more you need to clean the filter. You cannot clean the non-duct carbon filters; they must be replaced.
Baffle filters, which are used in professional style range hoods products, are designed to operate longer in high grease conditions without loss of performance. Generally, these need to be cleaned with soap and water whenever the surfaces become unsightly

How often should the non-ducted range hood filters be replaced?
It depends on the frequency and type of cooking that is performed. Normally, every three (3) to six (6) months is recommended for replacing the charcoal filters. Some charcoal filters are designed with an indicator mechanism that will change color as a signal to replace the filter. Check each model for this availability as some models do not include this device.
Seriously people - this is a fire hazard. Get that thing down and clean it out!


Barbling said...

Who would have known!!
WOW, Judi not only are your postings God filled and informative, now, my filter will be CLEAN!!!

His Girl said...

had no idea.

doing that tomorrow for certain

Jenn said...

I learn so much about my house at your blog! I did not know that so I will do that today. Thanks for the info!