Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nothing Much *

*edited to include missing pics

My husband is sad that I, "sold him out" that he doesn't take me on many dates, and also he is bored with my last post and would like me to give him something else to read, and also requests that I post about him. We have been on vacation since the 23rd here at our property in Texas and I haven't posted much because there is not a whole lot to report.
I AM glad to be able to tell you that for Christmas we bought tickets for the entire family - including the Grandparents to go see Bedtime Stories on Christmas day. We all enjoyed it very much.

But before we headed to the movies, we walked our property and of course, planned out our compound homestead. My priorities have changed slightly from; Hubby's shop first, fence second, house third, pool, vegetable/cut flower garden, guest cottages....

to; Fence first, Hubby's shop second, my recording/photography studio third (who cares if we have to live in a trailer for 3 years - only half the kids will be still at home by then) and then whatever else. (By the way - I got a remote control for my camera for Christmas and so I could take a picture of myself while recording a song. I know you agree with my priorities) And think of all the jam sessions when singing friends come to visit! (I will only charge them nominal fees) Maybe then my Chicas will be happier about visiting me here. 'Cause it'll be way cool then.

My hubby showed me this tree he found when he was working on clearing some of the back 40 and he called it the climbing tree. It has a limb growing from one tree into another.

He then exhibited to me how it got its name.

There are lots and lots of trees here. Some of my favorites are the dozen or so Pecan trees which seem to give off a crop every couple of years or so, several Osage Orange trees which are neat but the fruit is really weird looking and makes a giant mess, and then we have a bunch of one of my favorite species of tree - the Honey Locust. Now this bad boy, currently is dormant from the winter - but it does not loose its macabre thorns. Here is a small sampling.

My father-in-law would like to cut them down because they are pretty dangerous when riding around on the tractor, and those thorns have flattened a tractor tire in their day - I am hoping though, that we can just prune them high enough to be able to go under them with the tractor cause I surely do like the looks of them. I'll show you them in bloom when I am here during blooming. The twins took ill night before last and we have been having the on again-off again barf-fest to close out 2008 with a bang. Today I was in Sam's club and there was a family with 9 month old twins buying piles and piles of diapers and piles and piles of formula. *cue cha cha music ~ and dancing ~ my twins are thirtee-een, my twins are thirtee-een* They were really so cute though and I had to work really hard at not staring and making a scene.

Blogger is resisting uploading the rest of my pics, so you have two choices:

1.) Post anyway and follow tomorrow or so with the rest of the pics
2.) Save as a draft and post when it can be done in its entirety.

What's your vote?


His Girl said...

right choice

also, the cha cha music is awesome. we do the same thing over here... my twins are not babies.

sorry your people are barfing

so excited about coming to visit your studio.

trying not to think about the tornadoes.

Jenn said...

So you were in my neck of the woods. It sounds like you may be here permanently soon. Cool!

Glad you enjoyed Bedtime Stories better than Seven Pounds. Sounds like you had a very relaxing Christmas. How fun to dream about all the things you are going to put on your land.

Sorry the twins are sick. I hope no one else comes down with anything.

Off to google Honey Locust...

Gretchen said...

That's some climber, that is...

Love hearing about your planz. And you have the photog skillz to go with them.

May the barfers be done immediately.

God Bless in 2009

Becky said...

I, too, am a fan of the honey locust. Sunburst honey locusts in particular. But yeah, those thorns could be troublesome.

That's pretty good that your husband is still agile enough to climb trees. My husband and I were lamenting that we're beginning to feel kind of old these days. Creaky-like. More cautious because we worry we might break something important like a hand or an arm.

So you have a compound, I mean dream home in your future? Waaaay cool to have your very own recording studio!