Friday, December 12, 2008

Shower, Shout Out And A Hamper Scamper For Good Measure

Big day. Lots to do. Having trouble focusing.

Have you ever cleaned the shower while taking a shower? Well I did this morning. Cleaned myself first then the shower. Nothing like combining tasks. I could be the queen of multitasking. (How about you? What tasks have you combined for maximum efficiency?)

Shout Out:
Hey Gretchen! *waves* I was thinking about you this morning. (NOT while showering). And I just wanted tell you, "Thank you" for being in my life. You're a treasure to know. virtually.

Good Measure:
Look - I know it's the busiest time of year for many of us, me included - but don't forget that we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, and you still need a clean toilet seat. So.....

Time to clean your shower.... GO!
(You thought I was going to say, "toilet seat" didn't you?)
(No you don't have to be naked)


His Girl said...

i totally just did that shower thing yesterday, then decided it was weird, and i was late for work, so i quit halfway thru.

also, i love gretchen.

Gretchen said...

Well, I happen to lurve me some S4J and HG, too. Thanks for the wave and shout out.

Um...last night, I gave my dog and myself a shower. Does that count? I wish her shampoo smelled better, but it's pretty medicinal. She's too big for me to heft into the tub. She must not hate the shower too much, though, because she willingly steps in.

Ah, life with an allergic dog...

Okay...gotta run and change sheets on my guest bed. Friends coming to see the play... mwah.

Jenster said...

I'm trying to catch up today. So here are my comments for all of your posts I caught up on:

Only you could make the process of cooking a turkey an art project! I LOVE that about you!!

I hope you're not still sick. I look forward to the "perspective and perception" post.

I'm so sorry the medication didn't do what you hoped it would. Still in my prayers, sweet one.

Those pictures are absolute treasures.

I feel as though I've been honored to see that look on your face while you're worshipping. It radiates and the presence of God is nearly visible.

I've cleaned the shower first and then myself all at the same time. Very economical!

mel said...

YES, I clean the shower while taking a shower. What of it?

BTW - word verification says:
boneson. As in, bones.on. As if I'm going to boneless for the Christmas season....who comes up with this stuff?? (Reminds me of my favorite Far Side comic....the Boneless Chicken Farm....and now my ADD is showing....sorry)

love you