Thursday, December 11, 2008

WHOOPS! I Missed It!

It's my belated bloggerversary! On December 9, 2007 - I posted for the very first time. It's such an indication of my life at this moment that I am 2 days late posting about it. Life is abundantly good and overflowing with busy-ness. School was cancelled today because snow was sighted in the area (okay, that could be a bit over-simplified) and so all of my children are home. This will require a bit of a shift in my schedule. Lord help me to see this as the blessing You would have it be for me. I will leave you with a reprint of my very first (and still one of my favorites) post.

Today was our Christmas cantata - A Celebration of Carols. (Funnily enough, the front of the program said, "Sing for joy") My choir director said to me, "I love to see the joy on your face and in you when you are singing. You are such a blessing." How little she knows about what a gift it is to me to be able to be a part of this most amazing and beautiful choir. I am reminded of the verse from Jeremiah 20:9 which perfectly describes my NEED to sing to the Lord ...."But if I say, 'I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,' his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot." Indeed I cannot. Even if I wanted to. I sometimes am so completely overwhelmed by the need to worship the Lord that it feels like if I don't get it out, the power of it will shatter my bones into pieces. And truly when I am worshiping with this amazing group of people, I feel so full, that there really is nowhere else for the joy to fit and it just runs over. Right over the brim of the cup the Lord has given me. I urge you to find the thing that the Lord has given you to do on this earth and do it with all your heart. Truly, when you are doing the thing that God has created you for, you will be able to do it no other way and you'll be so happy about it to boot.


His Girl said...

well, happy blogaversary!

I am eversoglad someone brilliant forced you to, uh, suggested kindly that you blog. You have great things to say and a unique way of looking at the world that blesses my heart beyond measure. Thanks for sharing that with all of us.

Also, sing4joy is the perfect handle for you... you are indeed overflowing with joy when you sing. I am grateful that God saw fit to use your voice to minister to so many people. It is a pure joy for me to hear you sing, and see you pour your all to the great I AM.

Hey, I should be called listen4joy!

Suzanne said...

What an awesome post!! Happy, happy bloggerversary!!!

Gretchen said...

Wonderful. Happy Bloggiversary. I hope your day with the kids was indeed the blessing you anticipated. :)

God's Guitar Girl said...

Y'know, it's just amazing that you would re-post this, specifically where someone is talking about being blessed by watching you sing and worship. The kids and I were watching all of the videos on my camcorder, and I ran across some antique footage! We laughed at a good portion of it, but the parts I loved the most were watching the "Days Of Elijah" we did for MPC back on Palm Sunday 2006 and PWOC Sunday at MPC the same year. It was actual footage of our praise team leading worship, and it just made me miss you guys, those days, and everything about my FT Polk sisters and family. I, too, am blessed by watching the Spirit move in and through you as you sing and worship. Good stuff. :)