Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seven Pounds

Ugh. My husband rarely takes me on dates. He took me on one tonight only to have us sit through a very un-s4j-pleasing type of movie. SLOWWWW and deep and not even a happy ending to tie it all up. Even most of the acting was weird and creepy to me. I would not recommend spending your dollars or your date night on it.
On a happier note, when we got home (and the kids think we didn't notice them shutting the lights out) I came across a fun post from Jess at Mourning Into Dancing on the subject of Fun Christmas Posts. Thanks for salvaging my evening Jess.
Oh - and thank you honey for taking me to the movies.


mel said...

so what'd you go see??
we're having a date night on friday. any ideas?

Sing4joy said...

haha - saw Seven Pounds.

His Girl said...

was wondering about that movie... off to read jess' post.

i heart that girl

Becky said...

I'd heard that from others about that same flick. Boo that it had to be a bummer movie on date night...but yay for date nights and a hubby that enjoys getting away together.

Loved your reflections photo.

Yay for snow days!

SO wish you could've been in Palm Desert on the 23rd!

About your latest hamper scamper...you'd be amazed at how cleaning anything in the nude can TOTALLY change one's perspective on even those tasks once considered a drudgery, lol.
Well, except perhaps cleaning out an oven. That will always be a drudgery no matter what.

Gretchen said...

Seven Pounds? Never heard of it. I don't like to go to movies which remind me of my Christmas season weight-gain, either. ;)

We're going to Marley and Me today with our fam and another. Should be fun, if we can all find seats together. And, I'll of course be wearing waterproof mascara because i'm expecting to cry and all. Can't see a "feel good" movie w/o crying, right?

Jenn said...

Thanks for letting me know Seven pounds is a dud - we will skip it. We saw Slumdog Millionaire on Friday - it was a great movie. Maybe you can talk your hubs to take you to see it.

Jenster said...

Really? I figured it would be good just because it has Will Smith in it. Guess I won't waste my time, now. Oh wait. I never go to the movie anyway...