Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For

More news about my urethra! The referral for the new specialist to go have that new special test which the super specialist could not do had not yet come through and the neurontin experiment was not working. Well....with the exception of it helping me sleep and make nice to people, and stopped the tremors in my hands. Sadly though, none of these were what the prescription was intended for. So, when I met with the gynecologist who is part of my Primary Care Manager system, and has to approve and submit referrals, I explained to him that I am done. I do not want to see any more doctors, there is nothing medically more that can be done about this situation, and the shot-in-the-dark medication did not help ~ He said that decision was certainly mine to make and should I change my mind at some point, we can certainly revisit. I suggested that I should stop taking the medication (and not because I don't like it) and he agreed that would be wise. I told him my concerns about stopping it cold turkey with the way it had affected me and he said I could taper off however I felt comfortable. I am currently weaning from that and I am down to half of what I was taking. I already am crankier and more prone to irritation, and my hands have begun trembling again. Such is life.

So here is the bottom line. Science is exhausted. Man can do nothing. If healing comes ~ it will be the Great Physician who healed. And you will see me shouting that from the rooftops.


IdahoAngie said...

awww we will be praying. But I have to say.. welcome to the land of tremors. It is genetic. And I can say I know how it feels there. As well as your Mom. And Grandma, etc etc etc.

Sing4joy said...

Tell me about it Ang! I've had shaky writing since I was a teenager and spilled more than enough drinks on myself. The fun part of our genetics though is that we're rockin' good singers! And pretty dang funny too!

IdahoAngie said...

Heck ya! We sure can sing!

Oh we came up with a name for all of us lovely ladies in our family that have tremors. The Jitter Sisters! LOL! Sometimes mine is really bad and other times it isn't. When stres is really high or I am upset is when it is the worst. It used to just be in my left arm (And I am left handed) but now my right arm is starting to do it too. Well I am gonna go watch a movie with the hubby. Pray for me. My instructor has broken up our class in groups for the last 3 weeks of class and no one in my group seems to be around and the first half of our assignment is due tomorrow by 11:55pm. I am aggrivated. Mr. Instructor man hasn't answered my request to be moved to another group yet.

His Girl said...

hey sisterpants.

i am so glad you wrote more about your urethra. i can't imagine how we're going to live now without the stories now that you're abandoning experimenting on it for now.

but I am glad to hear you're at least taking a break. i'm sad that you're run out of hope in science, but i'm excited beyond-o to see what God's gonna do with this.

i'll be shouting from the rooftops, too!

Vindiciti said...

I'll be praying for your urethra, too.

By the way, you really aren't that grumpy. Remember, you weren't the one that yelled at me on Thanksgiving. Hehe. Virtual hugs.

Gretchen said...

You could write a song about it, but I'm not sure what rhymes with "urethra". Hmm...

Good stuff.

Seriously, praying for your wellness in body--certainly the mind is sharper than most. xxxooogretchen