Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Frustrated Rant to Worship

Praise team rehearsal was disastrous this morning. I hobbled in late, had to have help getting the music box in, didn't even bother bringing my guitar cause I can't carry it and I can't play it, had no music prepared and couldn't even think straight to answer questions or give direction. I feel ashamed and wonder how we are possibly going to glorify God in this state. Well, you know what? God is still on the throne. My Redeemer still lives. Ever have those times where singing your heart out just isn't enough? Like - you feel like, there must be MORE you can do....? This song is a piece of worship that inspires that in me. While you are watching this video, know that I am singing my heart out and lifting my hands to the One True God because I know that He lives.


His Girl said...

I could see you in my mind's eye, and hear you in my heart while watching. Praise the Lord that we can rest in the fact that He lives even on rough, hobble around, nothing goes right days.

Next, I want to see a post with YOU singing... internet, you are going to LOVE her!

Shauna said...

I have felt the exact same way. From your post it sounds like you're the worship leader at your church. Me too. I have had those weeks where practice is rough, the song lineup doesn't seem to be coming together and I wonder how God could ever use it.

And He reminds me that He is still God. I just need to offer it to him with a humble heart and trust that he is working, and was working even during the struggling, and will use it for His purpose.

It's not my responsibility to bring people to a place of intimate worship. That's up to them and the Holy Spirit. There's such freedom in letting go and letting God.

I am sure He will 'wow' you!

Becky said...

I think with any ministry a person is involved in, there will be times where we think we did a wretched, awful job, weren't prepared enough or what have you (or in spite of great preparation, the Lord opted to do things a different way), and the Lord still works through us in spite of ourselves.

That's the great thing about our Lord...He is the one in control, it's all about Him, and ultimately, He will fulfill His purposes. Of course, we want to do the very best we can, but let's face it...there are times where just getting there is our best. Flat tires, E.R. emergencies, etc. happen, but the Lord can still be glorified and honored in spite of our 'inadequacies' or other things that crop up to make things go not the way we would expect.

Romans 8:28


bcolmer said...

I got chills from watching that video. That was great! At first I was expecting it to be Wendy, but it was not.