Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Word Of The Day Wednesday

canorous \kuh-NOR-us; KAN-or-uhs\, adjective:
Richly melodious; pleasant sounding; musical.

This version of I WILL SING OF MY REDEEMER by Selah and Barlowgirl is canorous.


His Girl said...

I love the word of the day! and the music! fun stuff! great post as usual!

Jenster said...

Beautiful! Barlowgirl is a favorite around here.

Love that word! I'm going to have to start using it in my every day speech, now. :o)

Jenn said...

Selah and the Barlowgirls sound great on that song! I really enjoy the Barlowgirls and what their message to girls.

A word of the day post is fun. I will look forward to more.