Sunday, January 6, 2008

Letters From War (excerpts)

Dec 15, 07

You probably won't get this til after New Years, so I hope your trip was good.
I'm still hanging in there. I actually got two nights in a row of decent sleep.
...Christmas is right around the corner but it sure doesn't feel like it here. I try to remember to floss and take my vitamin every day. I'm also trying to increase my fruits and veggies. I made it through two swallows of V8 juice and just couldn't do it.
Shoot, i'm really writing about nothing.
I love you.
Be strong in Him.


mel said...

Thanks for sharing!

His Girl said...

the man can stand up against evil, jump out of an airplane, carry a weapon....

but V8 takes him down....


these are touching, really. keep them up & thanks for sharing :)

Shauna said...

Thanks for sharing. His girl, that image - the one of a big, tough guy in fatigues, shuddering from the V8 - will stick in my mind. LOL!