Friday, January 18, 2008

Pecan Weevils Revisited (again)

I totally forgot that I had taken some artistic photos to go along with this post - and have also added a haiku donated by my new bff (Blog Friend Forever) Jenster..

Weevils, weevils, weevils,
the fat white larvae turn into beatles.
They burrow in the Pecan
and the shell hardens around them.

surprise surprise, you crack the shell
and the shock knocks you on your butt.
You scream in response,
"Somebody beat me to the nut!"

(copyright sing4joy) :)

Haiku -
Pecans are yummy
But weevils make them not so
Stupid icky bugs
(copyright Jenster) :)


Jenster said...

LOL! What tune do you sing this to?? :o)

Sing4joy said...

This my friend would be poetry. Best heard through dramatic reading while cracking pecans. Don't sit in the first 3 rows as weevil larvae can be jumpy.

His Girl said...

you are so gross.

and odd.

and disgusting.

terrible nasty poetry.

nicely done.

Susie Q said...

This was wonderful! I laughed out loud and I so needed that!
You are so talented!!


Jenster said...

Okay. Here's a haiku -

Pecans are yummy
But weevils make them not so
Stupid icky bugs

(Now picture my clap and snap, snap, snap, snap)

Groovy, baby.

Pendulum said...

All I can say is DISGUSTING!

Sing4joy said...

Jenster! You must come over for a skinny chai tea latte blended thingy and just be in in my company! You are naughty and hilarious!

Jenster said...

OKAY!!! I'm on my way!!!

His Girl said...

amber's comments...revisited.

you are SO gross
and SO odd
and SO disgusting
your poetry is SO nasty.
and your BFF is gross too.

you put the evil in weevil, chica