Friday, April 11, 2008

Letters From War

Feb 25, 08

I hope everything is going good when you get this. If it isn't, I hope this letter at least brings you a smile.
I just got off the phone with you. I'm so thankful for the phones here. I can barely imagine how it was without them. I know I call you a lot. I just want you to know that I'm okay. I'm just sorry that I keep waking you up.
It's rainy here today. It was windy this morning, thankfully no dust storms today.
My work is going good. As much as I despise the slow and boring days, I know they are a good thing. The more peace the better.
I don't really have much to write about. Just know that I love you and I will come home to you. I will do all that I can to be the same man (or better) as when I left home.

Mar 2, 08

Dear Honey,
Not much new to write about tonight. It's Sunday, the day you're recording your album, and I am really excited about that.
I think the hot weather is starting up already, well warm anyways. For sure isn't cold.
The work days drag on and on.

Mar 12, 08

I am a negligent writer. Sorry it's taking me so long.
Today wasn't too bad. A soldier was badly wounded today and I felt so sad about it. This war was a lot easier to deal with from home. There, you only read the news or watch it on TV. Here you see it firsthand. I see the pictures hanging on the wall of heroes everyday. I pray that will never fill up.
I love you.


Becky said...

We always include your hubby special when we pray for our Soldiers.

his_girlamber said...

Thank you for sharing such an intimate, beautiful part of your life.

It reminds me to pray, and it reminds me that real people with real families are risking all for me. I can't take it for granted for one second.

It also makes me have a teeeny little appropriate-sized crush on your husband. is that wrong ?

Shauna said...

These always make me tear up. I'm so thankful to God that he is keeping your husband safe while he serves his country and God. Thank you for sharing!

Jenster said...

I don't think I can ever express to you how much I appreciate these excerpts. It makes it that much more real to me.

You both remain in my prayers.

Jenster said...

I tagged you for a meme you may or may not want to do. :o)