Monday, April 21, 2008

Pushing The Envelope Of Hospital Fashion

I have been sick for 12 days. It started 2 Wednesdays ago (rehearsals day); the day after I finished taking my first course of antibiotics for the Staph infection. I would like to just interject here that once I again, I was right and no one believed me. "What on earth is she talking about?" you might be asking. Remember back when....when I said I had the plague all across my neck....turns out, it is a Staph infection. So there you have it: Plague=Staph infection, same thing. FACE! Anyway, this sickness, I really just thought was a cold. I immediately took home-care measures in hand and went straight to the bed on Thursday. People! I have been in the bed ever since with very few exceptions. Each time I have left the bed - even to just walk to the car, drive to the elementary school, let the twins get in, drive to the high school, move to the passenger seat so the 15 year old daughter could drive us home and walk back to the bed - it has left me feeling completely weak, drained and out of breath. Literally, my children and my friends have been taking care of anything that gets done around here AND been taking care of me too. Last Monday I started my second course of antibiotics for the staph infection. There has not been a lick of improvement in my cold symptoms and people were starting to yell at me about going to the doctor. My answer : What are they going to do? I am already taking antibiotics and all manner of cold medicines. Over the weekend my fingers started tingling and that low-grade fever would pop up here and there. So, this morning after Lowe's dropped off our new floor tile, and I spent 35 minutes on hold with the appointment line so that I could be told there was no appointment available for me, I loaded up in the car and went to the emergency room. They decided a chest x-ray was in order so off I shuffled down to the x-ray department in my hospital gown and got signed in and waited. When the technician called me back, imagine her surprise when she discovered underneath my hospital gown my overalls and under wire bra! What are you going to do? These girls need support whenever possible, unleashed they can be a hazard. Plus -it's cold in that place! And nobody told me I COULDN'T wear them. Anyway - 2 blood draws, 2 chest x-rays and checks on my ears, nose, throat, lungs and heart, and 4 hours later.....It's a virus, it has to run its course, nothing more we can do for you - go to the pharmacy and pick up an inhaler. Continue to take whatever you've already been taking. If you're not better in 3 days follow up at the clinic.
Now, I've been a very good girl - doing all the things I am supposed to do, so every one can quit picking at me about taking medicine and going to the doctor and blah blah blah. I am going back to bed now.
But here's some fun: Hubby has weighed in on the telling of Me And My Girl Problems and hopefully pretty soon, I will be posting part quatre with Hubby and HisGirl chiming in!
God's blessings to you all in the mean-time!


Gretchen said...

I am so sorry this has hit you so hard, S4J. Sounds like you have a lot of support, too. Take advantage of it--I'm sure you give more than you could ever take. I'll pray for your complete, speedy healing and restoration as you come to mind each day. xxxooogretchen

Becky said...

Ugh...that's nothing to mess with. Good girl for getting yourself to the doctor and taking yourself off to bed.

Colloidal silver applied topically (according to directions on bottle) is supposed to help for boils which are also caused by staph. It's got a natural antibiotic property that can kill fungus, bacteria and even viruses in petri dishes.

I'll be praying for you!

His Girl said...

geez louise. quit whining and start blogging, lady.

haha. Actually, I miss you. That's all- just plain miss you. I want you to get better... I want you to come and play with me...

sorry you have the plague and the ick. I pray for you daily.