Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Worship The Creator And Get On Home

27 April
Day three:
I am awakened by the sound of conversation and activity. The first car of girls is already up and packing to head home. After saying our goodbyes to Tenor, Alto and Soprano and seeing them off, I got dressed, grabbed my guitar, songbook, camera and headed for the beach. At that time of day, there are few people on the beach. Totally worth being up at the crack of dawn. Just me, my guitar and God.

At some point, I caught sight of a vehicle out of the corner of my eye. right. behind. me. I didn't even hear it drive up, or stop, or idle. So, I turn around to see what it is. It's the Sheriff. I look at him like, oh darn. He's going to tell me I'm disturbing someone and I have to stop. He said, "I was just listening. Pretty good. Carry on." *sigh* geesh. Flautist came along with a plastic chair and joined me in worshiping our Lord (she sings too!). We stayed there until the rain started coming down.

When we got back to the house, Flautist baked us some berry bread and I went out and picked a bin of blackberries from the field next to our house. After cleaning up and packing up, we bagged up the leftovers from the meal that Alto made us and took them over to our Landlords along with the keys to our house. Imagine my very jubilant excitement at being in the land of Jack In The Box!! Neither Flautist or Guitarist have ever eaten there before so I made them a deal: I'll buy if you take me there! They agreed! Yahoo. After getting our lunches from Jack, we stopped for gas and Flautist pointed out this fun....

Katfish or Catfish? We'll never know. We had a lovely drive the rest of the way home, chatting some, mostly just singing and listening to music. It was a great trip. I want to do it again. With 2 more girls.


His Girl said...

The incident with the police on the beach reminded me of another time... long, long ago... hahaha!

hey, you know what? i can't wait for october. can it be time for chicas now, please?

Jenster said...

I don't know. Is it ketchup or catsup??

hey, you know what? i can't wait for october. can it be time for chicas now, please?

HAHAHAHAHA!!! By the way, I'm still trying to decide what one place you absolutely, positively have to see when you're here.

God's Guitar Girl said...

Love the pic w/ the guitar. "Katfish..." geez, how close to Louisiana were you?!?